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of technology innovation

M-CORE is a complete green technology, a new generation of energy source that requires no solar, wind, or battery storage (just one for STARTUP) and definitely no fossil fuels like gasoline or diesel to run an engine and generate electricity.

It’s powered by a globally patented close-circuit energy that is 100% FOSSIL FUEL FREE.

Retail fossil fuel prices are exceeding the ceiling that affects grid generation charges that follow the trend of supply and demand for raw materials, so these rising burdens will never be changed, and such growth is economically irreversible also due to the increasing scarcity.

M-CORE aims to help the industry by introducing this self-generation and fuel-free power system.


M-CORE can also easily correct low-voltage areas of distribution utilities, heavy industrial consumers rolling back the grid and, in particular, reach off-grid communities, where it is quite problematic to transport fuel.

M-CORE innovation  provides a state-of-the-art intuitive high-end black box system for a real-time transparency monitoring anywhere in the world.

The M-CORE System  has evolved in multiple years of development and relentless struggle of technology.

With a very simplified design, this technology uses electromagnetism to produce electricity via a closed circuit in a packaged cabinet such as shipping containers.

This new technological advancement is completely GREEN and releases no carbon emissions, has a near-ZERO carbon footprint, and burns ZERO fossil fuels, all while providing 24/7 energy every day of the year with 96,5% efficiency.

Join the future of energy and make your business, neighborhood, and city carbon neutral.

What makes M-CORE stand out





PROYTEC PANAMA Corp. is proud to have entered into a partnership with WE WORLD ENERGY, which has granted its Peruvian subsidiary the right of representation.

The American company is a leader in the production and installation of innovative and sustainable power generators.

WE WORLD ENERGY’s power generators are able to produce electricity without the use of fuel or other sources, using the speed and power of magnetic forces.

It is a revolutionary solution for saving energy and reducing emissions, offering economic and environmental benefits.

Contact us to find out more about WE WORLD ENERGY power generators and how they can improve your efficiency and competitiveness.