Financial Engineering


Financial engineering is the study of methodologies to maximize the extraction of value all kinds of properties, assets, and financial products, it is based on the use of sophisticated physical-mathematical modeling techniques, on computer programming and on the use of tools deriving from statistics and the calculation of probabilities.

In particular, we strive to combine existing financial instruments in order to create new ones, which can meet the specific needs of clients, exploit the opportunities that arise and prevent any possible risk.

The qualifications, reputation and professionalism of our professionals allow us to face the various challenges that the customer is preparing to face, linked both to the evolution of the markets, suppliers, and customers, and to organizational, technological, and regulatory innovation.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability also requires the incorporation of ESG criteria in the analysis, assessment, and management of risks, in the identification, creation and distribution of financial products, in the measurement, verification and communication of corporate performance.

This in a financial market undergoing profound restructuring with the emergence of fintech, big tech and super apps which requires us to deal with new market players offering innovative and alternative and, in some cases, revolutionary financial services, to seek partnership and synergy opportunities.