Licences, Authorisations and Permits


To carry out a project, start a business and be able to operate as conceived, it is often not enough to have the idea, the project and the financial resources, but it is also necessary to comply with a series of legal, fiscal and administrative obligations required.

Depending on the sector, project and type of business, it may be necessary to obtain licences, authorizations and permits from public or private entities.

These documents certify that the activity complies with the laws in force, respects the criteria of safety, quality and environmental protection and is configured as adequate.

Without these documents, the company may face penalties, fines or even closure of the business.

Obtaining licenses, authorizations and permits is not always quick and easy.

Sometimes it requires time, money and specific skills.

Also, the rules can change often and vary from region to region or country to country.

Our professionals can offer a complete and personalized service, from the preliminary analysis of the needs and applicable standards and of the necessary documents, up to post-obtention assistance for the renewal, updating or modification of licenses, authorizations and permits.