Structured Finance


Structured finance transactions envisage various specialized activities aimed at carrying out self-liquidating transactions through Debt & Equity issues.

The value of these issues and operations has increased rapidly over the past decade.

Companies that have just passed the size of small caps and are becoming or are already medium-sized companies do not have access to this type of operations because banks offer some entry-level structured finance solutions to only a very few large companies that are truly multinationals.

Structured finance is the main engine for creating self-financing operations.

The team of consultants we employ is specialized in these financing operations.

These include members of the structures established by the United Nations UNPD, professors of the University of International Finance J. Hopkins University in Washington DC, senior economists of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and former leaders of the Inter-American Development Bank IDB.

Our Presentation introduces you to the Principles of Structured Finance.