The principle of the common good is a generator of economic development as opposed to the pursuit of maximum profit with minimum cost.

It is on the basis of trust that the most beautiful and promising companies are born.

Il PROF. DR. JAVIER FIZ PEREZ Ph. D., adviser to the Scientific Committee of Proytec Panama Corp., spoke about the Common Good in relation to economic development.

The human being needs to assert himself; he needs to develop in his nature, but there is a principle that must be declined in such a way that all this can come in a global way.

I’m talking about the common good.

The principle of the common good is the one that can most intensify true economic growth because it is based on trust.

When these constructs are lacking, what predominates is precisely mistrust, shredding, which are human variables, which lead to the opposite of economic development.


On the basis of trust, businesses are created, the working environment, economic development, and we cannot see this solely as profit.

Maximum profit, with minimum cost, is not sustainable and is not equitable at the human level of the community.